Microsoft Build 2018 – Session Recommendations (Part 2)

As promised, I bring a couple more sessions from Microsoft Build 2018!

The first part of this list can be found here.

Be aware that I’m a .NET+C# Lover, so those are the sessions that I enjoy the most, but if you want a deeper look into the sessions catalog, you can go through this list on Channel9, all the sessions are there (or will be very soon)

But let’s start with my session recommendations.

.NET Overview & Roadmap

This session was amazing. Presented by Scott Hanselman and Scott Hunter, it presented some amazing numbers about .NET Core and how bright (and fast) the future will be.

They also presented a couple of ideas that they are working on and I was particularly AMAZED by the demo on the micro-services template that they are playing with for ASP.NET Core 2.2. You will see that the session’s audience reaction was also very positive.


Also great demos on .NET Tooling and Blazor (Blazor is unbelievable so far)

I, particularly, loved it. Also, Scott Hanselman was joking as hell on this one, it’s almost half tech half stand-up comedy 😛 

The session:

Pair Programming Made Awesome with Visual Studio Live Share

I tried really hard to get access to VS Live Share during the Beta phase, but unfortunately it didn’t work out for me, now it really available (in preview) and it’s awesome!

The whole idea is to be able to share code files during a LIVE session in a way that developers can collaborate and help solve each others problems (or any other idea that you can come up in a collaboration session)

But how is it different from Screen Sharing? Well, it has a number of benefits that are enumerated on this session by Jonathan Carter and Jon Chu.

I played with it a little bit with some friends (even friends from Brazil!) and it really is super fun.

Past, Present, and Future of .NET

I did a post not long ago about a session from Richard Campbell on the history of .NET, which was really great. If you watched it you might know that he is now working on a book about the History of .NET (!)

Now, in this Build 2018 Talk/Session, he is exploring some of this history with some major players from the .NET world! Scott Hunter, Beth Massi and Mads Torgersen.

This is really just a casual talk exploring some of the major events that led to the current state of the platform. It’s really nice to see how things played to get us to where we are right now.

The player is a bit different on this one because it’s straight out of Channel9 and not from YouTube.

Technology Keynote: Microsoft Azure

Also traditional at this point is the Microsoft Azure Technology Keynote by Scott Guthrie.

Again there was a big focus on the AI power that Microsoft is adding to the Azure Cloud every day. This one has a number of really interesting demos!

  • Visual Studio Live Share (Amanda Silver & Johnathan Carter)
    • I’m really super excited about this feature! So much potential.
  • VS App Center + GitHub Integration (Simina Pasat)
  • VSTS and a Lot on CI/CD (Donovan Brown)
    • I consume a lot of CI/CD and DevOps resources at my work, but I’m not really a specialist in configuring or maintaining them, still, this Demo made me want to now a lot more about it!
  • Kubernetes + Azure + Visual Studio (Scott Hanselman)
    • Nice Demo on how those 3 tools integrate really well to make the handling of containers with Kubernetes on Azure be as smooth as possible.
    • There was a funny technical problem during this Demo 😛 Scott Guthrie added some value to the presentation.
  • Serverless + IoT (Jeff Hollan)
    • I don’t need to tell you how much Microsoft is investing on this right? Azure Functions are getting better and better in an amazing speed.
  • CosmosDB (Rimma Nehme)
  • Azure Search + Cognitive Skills (Paige Bailey)
  • Azure DataBricks (Paige Bailey)

As you can see there was two Demos by Paige Bailey, a Cloud Developer Advocate for Azure that has a number of amazing posts on twitter! You can follow her here.

And here is the session.

Nice wasn’t it? 😀

I have enough videos on my queue yet, so I will probably make at least one more post with more session recommendations. Let me know if you are enjoying it!

Microsoft Build 2018 – Session Recommendations (Part 1)

As some of you might know, the Microsoft Build 2018 event happened this week (07-09 May) and this is always an awesome event for .NET Developers!

As I am making my way through as many sessions as my time allows me, I would like to share some of the best ones (in my not so humble opinion) with all of you!

Vision Keynote

I will start here with the more obvious one, the Keynote from Satya Nadella. This year’s Vision Keynote focused a lot into AI in the Cloud (Intelligent Cloud) and AI in IoT (Intelligent Edge), which is pretty interesting as I still lack a lot of experience in both AI/ML and IoT.

This Keynote actually made me very excited with what Microsoft envisions for AI and Machine Learning in the .NET world for the future, and I will try to keep my radar on this subjects.

I am particularly excited with ML.NET and the ever-growing power of the Cognitive Services.

As usual, there are some amazing numbers about the industry:Industry Numbers

Here is the video:

The Future of C#

This session is a must for me by now, as every year Mads Torgersen and Dustin Campbell make an awesome presentation on what is coming next for my favorite language ever. (I love you Python, but C# comes first)

I was a bit disconnected from what is about to come with C# 8.0 and this session was amazing to put me up to speed with the stage in which those feature proposals are.

If you wanna know more about C# language feature proposals (or maybe even propose your own!) you can check this repository on github.


MACHINE LEARNING IN DOTNET! Do I need to say anything else? Okay, a bit more then:

  • It’s multi-platform (Windows, Linux and MacOS)
  • It’s Open Source (check it out here)
  • It’s still on Preview

The session is a really short one (20 minutes) and in this short time Rowan Miller walks through an application that can fix a piece of music(!) using Machine Learning with ML.NET.

It’s a relatively high altitude overview of the Framework’s capabilities, but it’s also super FUN, and powerful.

I am still waiting for them to upload some sessions that look really amazing.

But what do you think of these sessions so far?

I will post another list of my favorite sessions in a couple of days, after I went through most of my watch list 😛

Talk to you soon 🙂

The History of .NET by Richard Campbell

Hi everyone,
I am preparing a nice post on Azure Functions for very soon but, today I would like to share some history with you.

I found today a really amazing video on YouTube about the History of .NET. The video is actually a recording of a talk at the NDC { London } 2018, just 2 months ago, by Richard Campbell (from .NET Rocks)

On the talk Richard, who is a great storyteller, explains the story of how Microsoft was cornered and had to reinvent itself many times along the last 20-25 years, and how it led to the creation of the .NET Framework and all the technologies that entangles it. He cannot avoid mentioning all the great people involved into this process, from the original designer of J++, Microsoft’s implementation of Java, to the current maintainers of the .NET Framework and C# Language, and even the current CEO.

It also, and it could not be different, explains a lot of the history of the Windows OS, Microsoft’s Web Browsers and the rise of Microsoft Azure!

If you code in any Microsoft Language and like .NET and a bit of History, I assure you it is worth every second of the (~) 1 hour and 10 minutes.

Here is the video:

So, what do you think? Great, wasn’t it?


.NET Core 2.1 is coming! (and I will be back)

Hallo Mensen 🙂
I know I’ve been away from my blog for a long time and I’ll not try to make an excuse for this, but I want to make it clear that I intend to start writing again some time this quarter!

Today I just wanted to share with you two new videos from Channel 9 with some cool demos on the new features for .NET Core 2.1. In particular I would advise you to pay close attention to the improvements on the HttpClient and the Entity Framework support for CosmosDb. Enjoy!

What is new in .NET Core 2.1?

The Demos!!

One last thing to mention. Pay close attention to the benchmarks on the build process for .NET Core 2.1, it is amazing!

Incremental Build Improvements for .NET Core 2.1 SDKReally excited for the Future of .NET Core 😀

.NET Core 2.1 should have its first previews released still in this February and the RTM Version is planned to this Summer!

Source: .NET Core 2.1 Roadmap | .NET Blog


Surviving Success: Performance Tuning Under Pressure

You are part of a team responsible for an awesome application that is facing a great and sudden success! Awesome! But success will also, usually, expose some problems with your application that you are not prepared for… And now you are expected to fix a plane that is already on flight! How the hell are you supposed to do that?

I actually stole the title from this post from the name of the interesting video that I would like to share with you that is all about how to deal with this kinds of “success-related problems”.

Slow Down to Move Fast

Source: MS Build 2017